Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI

Advanced Metering Infrastructure is the new generation of meteorology technology designed to provide remote measurement, monitoring and control of customer loads. AMI is the first stage in the development of Smart Grid. It enables Electric Utility Companies to have a real-time view of the status of their distribution feeders. It also provides the required sensory framework to enable an upstream Energy Management System (EMS) to achieve a much more efficient Energy Dispatch, Asset Management, Loss Control, Tamper Detection and Revenue Management. A Smart Grid compliant AMI is critical in enabling Utility companies to ensure a smooth transition from the legacy grid to the Smart Grid.

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Energy Efficiency and Energy  Due Diligence

It’s proven that the top operating expenses are often found to be Energy expenses (Both Electrical and Thermal) Types of DD
    • Energy Due diligence is an investigation tool in defining and pursuing comprehensive energy management programme


    • Machinery Due diligence MDD is a process to produce a complete knowledge of manufacturing facilities, machines/equipment and system operations.

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