Energy Care Contracting

Energy Care Contracting is a company that handles all maintenance and installation work related to electrical, lighting, and air conditioning for establishments, factories, commercial & touristic organizations, universities, airports, hospitals, malls and hotels.

Air Conditioning

  1. Internal renewal for all buildings including connections supply and electrical equipment.
  2. Supplying , extending and finishing of the electrical connections and network
  3. Installing and supplying for Air conditioning units and air distribution units.
  4. Supplying and installing all lighting units with its extensions.

Regular / periodic maintenance

  1. Maintenance contracts for all conditioning and lighting projects
  2. Replacement and renovation work for all conditioning and lighting systems
  3. Maintenance and follow up for all equipment related to air-conditioning, air-distribution units, refrigerators and freezers.

Engineering Supervision

  1. Engineering supervision on all electrical, conditioning and lighting installation processes
  2. Engineering supervision on all maintenance projects.

Solution & Services

Energy care also planning to support the utilities and private sectors by providing its complete solution and services on Smart grid and Energy saving by following

Pre-paid System

  1. Prepaid Meter with Keypad
  2. Customer Interface Unit (CIU)
  3. Smart Vending Systems

Solar System

  1. PV Panels
  2. Online/offline Grid Inverters
  3. Solar Street lightings

Energy efficient products