Our Company


Energy Care is dedicated to rationalizing energy use, reducing energy waste and loss, and helping individuals and corporations save and manage energy.


We will be the prominent Saudi Arabian company that provides future energy saving methods such as smart grid and smart meters products, solutions and services in MENA for enabling its countries to improve the way they manage their resources efficiently


  • Our Commitment to Quality and Standards¬†
    • We believe highest excellence in quality that reflects not only in our products and services but also in the way we think, live and do business.
    • This enables us to transform our philosophy in quality excellence in to value in customer experience.
    • We ensure compliance with the most renowned and internationally upheld standards in all our outputs.
  • Social responsibility
    • Sustainability is a key ingredient from the day one in all our endeavors and innovations.
    • Our solutions focus on making this world a better place to live for us and our future generations.
    • We always look for ways to protect the scarce resources in our environment and protect the quality of the air we breathe