Human Capital

Our Culture

A unique, team based, multi-task and non-traditional communication sequence fosters the innovation and high diversity enriches our culture and values. РEnergy Care Holding has a designed corporate culture; our corporate culture is grown by our professional staff attitudes, values and behaviors. We select the high profile candidates with high principals and flyer performance. Instead we communicate directly with each other and are accountable to fellow members of our multi-disciplined teams. РAt Energy Care Holding  we do not build our culture on colors or dress-code , yet we build our real innovative culture based on principles and values and we use these two points as a central theme for everything we do. РThe regions and diversity in our staff backgrounds and nationalities is highly interesting, we build our high corporate culture based on this diversity.

Learning and developments

  • Based on our innovative culture, Energy Care Holding is committed to helping you perform at your

    best and realize your full potential.

  • We strive for excellence in our approach to developing our employees.
  • Energy Care Holding learning & developing strategy is to enrich all employees
  • Technical & personal skills through CIP method continuous improvement programs.
  • Our approach is to establish our Academy (Energy Care Academy) in 5 years horizon , which will be

    the main tool for staff development through beginner, intermediate and advanced programs  covering

    both technical & personal, local and international programs.

  • Whatever country, area, departments or role you work in you can expect ongoing opportunities that

    will nurture and develop your talents, bringing out the best in you so that you can help Energy Care