Energy Efficiency and Due Diligence

It’s proven that the top operating expenses are often found to be Energy expenses (Both Electrical and Thermal)
Types of DD
    • Energy Due diligence is an investigation tool in defining and pursuing comprehensive energy management programme
    • Machinery Due diligence MDD is a process to produce a complete knowledge of manufacturing facilities, machines/equipment and system operations.

The objective of our EDD/MDD services is to help you achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilisation, throughout the organization, this will:

    • Minimise environmental effects.
    • Minimise energy costs/waste without affecting production & quality
    • Decreases operational and maintenance costs
    • Increase lifetime of objects and technology equipment
    • Implement Energy Conservation & Efficiency Strategy.
    • … And increase quality of environment that contributes to increased work productivity

Energy & Machinery Due Diligence Services Involve:

    1. Data collection, analysis and assessment of current status
    2. System measurements & monitoring
    3. Observation and evaluation of operating practices
    4. Investigations of information, EDD/MDD report

Areas Covered:

    • Cooling Refrigeration, air-conditioning, and thermal-technical protection of buildings
    • Ventilation and fan systems
    • Heating systems (e.g. hot water, boilers, ovens, etc.)
    • Installed equipment
    • Electric appliances
    • Indoor/outdoor lighting

e.g., pumps, fans, air compressors, refrigeration compressors, boilers, furnaces, heaters and other energy consuming equipment, wherever significant energy efficiency margins exist.

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