Advanced Metering Infrastructure AMI

CT, CT/VT Smart Meter


Energycare’s three-phase Smart Energy Meter is an AMI/AMR ready highly advanced Smart Meter, capable of two way communication with utility headend through optional communication modules. Its designed to measure three-phase AC active/reactive energy at a nominal frequency of 50/60Hz.Energy care’s meter incorporates sophisticated functions to realize Smart Measurement and Management of energy, with high accuracy, excellent sensitivity, good reliability, wide measurement range, low consumption and durable enclosure..Moreover, The meter meets Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)’s CT & CT/VT Smart Metering specifications  
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Direct Connected Smart Meter

LY-SM300 Three-phase Direct Connected Smart Energy Meter is a highly advanced Smart Meter to measure three-phase AC active/reactive energy with frequency of 50/60Hz. It has various sophisticated functions to realize Smart Measurement & Management of energy, with features of high accuracy, excellent sensitivity, good reliability, wide measurement range, low consumption, solid structure and nice appearance, etc.    Data Sheet

RS485-GPRS Gateway


Cellular Gateway is a data concentrator supporting for remote access to smart energy meter, reading meter’s data, storing the data in its memory and transferring it to AMM/AMR server on predefined interval. Gateway communicates with smart energy meter through RS485 communication channel serially at downstream level; and remotely with AMM/AMR server through GSM/GPRS network at upstream level. In addition to the function of data storage, gateway can also perform real-time meter reading through transparent transmission mode and reporting the tampers on real time basis.  

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Data Concentrator Unit

Concentrator could collect, analyze and store the data from collectors and energy meters. At the same time, it could exchange data with master station or Hand HeldUnit. By down channel which could be low voltage power line communication and RS485 serial communication channel, the energy data, from various smart energy meters with PLC, concentrator terminals, concentrator modules, terminals with variety PLC communication and external energy meters with RS485,could be automatically read and stored. Meanwhile, by upper channel, the concentrator could exchange the data with master station or Hand Held Unit. And the upper channel, adopting public communication network compatible with GPRS and CDMA, could realize modular design and change the communication way directly by replacing communication modules.   

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Meter Data Management System


Management of NAJM’s AMI Network is achieved through NAJM’s MDMS (Metering Data Management System). NAJM’s MDMS can exist on the Utility’s back office network(beyond the headend system) or locally (on an HHU or local PC). NAJM’s MDMS provides full operational, programming and configuration capability for NAJM Platform’s components.  

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