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Chairman Message: The Future

The electricity grid across the globe is facing an existential challenge;  How could growing economies be provided with a reliable electricity service, without addressing critical issues such as aging infrastructure, environmental concerns, rising cost of production and scarcity of primary fuel supply? Solutions adopted by the utility industry to mitigate these issues involve Demand Response, Energy Conservation and Diversification of Supply. However, the underlying problem in the realization of these solutions is that such strategies cannot be materialized within the confines of the existing electricity grid. The next generation grid, also known as Smart Grid, enables utilities to integrate renewable sources of energy into their energy portfolio, increase their system efficiency and reduce system’s losses. The first step in the implementation of Smart Grid is the roll out of Smart Metering systems, also known as AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure). Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has taken the lead in the MENA region with the development of a comprehensive Smart Grid strategy and roadmap. SEC has recently announced a well developed plan for the roll-out of Smart Meters in the kingdom. This requires the customization & localization of the AMI technology in full compliance with SEC’s specifications and requirements.